3 Top Tips for Townhome Seekers – Part III

Over the past two days, I have shared two key tips for townhome buyers – different types of floor plans and source of natural light. Today, we need to ruminate over the type of yard offered by the townhome in order to optimize your living space and meet your lifestyle requirements.

Some townhouses have enough lot space for a small private patio or backyard. Other townhomes do not have any yard space whatsoever, but may have a roof-top terrace, and/or what I call, “concrete yard.” This can usually be found in group of townhomes where the driveways run together to create a pool of concrete.

Consider which type of yard is more useful for your needs. While less picturesque and charming than a private patio, concrete yards do come in handy (during off-peak hours of the day) if your little one wants to ride her tricycle round and round, or if Fido needs to quickly run off his energy, when you are too short on time for the dog park. On the other hand, you may have more space to entertain, and a greater “wow” factor, depending on your view, if you have a roof-top terrace. And, of course, the small patio in the backyard is most quaint and easily accessible for a morning coffee or dining for two, al fresco.


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