3 Top Tips for Townhome Seekers – Part II

Yesterday, we discussed one of the characteristics unique to townhomes that buyers should contemplate carefully while narrowing down their hunt for a townhome – the type of townhome floor plan. Today, let’s take a look at a commonly overlooked factor – the source of natural lighting in a townhome.

Pay attention to the amount and the source of natural light inside a townhouse. Rooms with big windows and an abundance of natural light shining in (preferably from the north instead of from the south here in Houston) are, of course, bright and cheerful, but do not get too lit up yet. Look outside those windows to see if the neighbor is in the process of building a new townhouse right next door that would tower over this property and cover up the sunshine. Some townhomes are located in neighborhoods undergoing great transitions, so the bungalow next to that townhouse may turn into a four-story giant tomorrow. Therefore, to set your expectations right, keep an eye out for neighboring “tear-down” candidate properties when looking in such a neighborhood.

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